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Consumer &

Environmental solutions

Consumer & Environmental solutions

With technical supports from Omya AG, SurintOmya offers white Natural Calcium Carbonate (NCC) the highest calcium enrichment for Food & Beverage, Personal Care, Pharmaceutical and Nutraceutical, Home Care, and Pet Care applications by adding value through different technological functionalities and nutritional benefits. These functionalized Calcium Carbonate combining high content of elemental calcium with excellent bioavailability and also meet international standards such as E170, FCC, USP, EP, JP, Halal and Kosher certified.

Moreover, SurintOmya also provides solutions with natural minerals provide highly efficient, low cost and low carbon to productivity challenges that don't impact the environment. Those include soil conditions, animal feeds and aquaculture, and air/water treatment.

•    Food (Dairy & Non-Dairy Drinks, Cereals & Snacks, Confectionery, Baked Goods, Infant Nutrition)
•    Oral Care (Remineralization & Whitening, Desensitization, Enhanced Cleaning Performance)
•    Personal Care (Skin Care, Color Cosmetics)
•    Home Care (Surface Cleaner, Laundry Powder)
•    Pet Care (Pet food and Pet care products)
•    Agriculture and Forestry as soil pH conditioning
•    Animal feeds and Aquaculture
•    Air and Waste Water Treatment
•    Drilling Industry

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