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With Omya’s capability in Research, Development and Technical supports, these help to enhance opportunities on raw material selection, increase productivity, cost value, as well as sustainability for customers in Polymer industry, enabling customers to increase profitability effectively. Beyond the standard natural calcium carbonate NCC products with “Omyacarb” versions, new innovative products have been developed and introduced fulfilling the market needs and meet the Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) Economy concept such as Omyasmartfill in biodegradable polymer, Omyafilm in advance breathable film, Omyafiber in hygiene nonwoven, OmyaPET in PET packaging, Omyafoam in PVC foam panel and much more NCC products for polymer customers.

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  • Rigid PVC and Polyolefins (PVC, PE/PP/PS compound, PET, Engineering Plastic)

  • Flexible Plastics (PVC, PE/PP/PS compound, PET)

  • Rubber and Elastomer (Rubber compound, Multisperse masterbatch)

  • Foaming (Polyurethane and PVC foams)

  • Fiber and Nonwoven (PP Spunbond, PLA nonwovens)

  • Engineered Materials (Automotive, Electrical%Electronics, Industrial/Healthcare/Medical applications)

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