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Using calcium carbonate products can make your products sustainable, increase production efficiency and yield, as well as help reduce carbon dioxide emissions to our planet.

SurintOmya Indo-China

SurintOmya, we are Joint Venture company with Omya AG Switzerland, the world leader in calcium carbonate industries.

We deliver many products to customers in many industries, etc.

Construction, Paper & Printing, Packaging, Polymers, Food, Personal care, Home care, Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural Products, Forestry, Water & Energy.


Our mission

“Our aim is to contribute to partners' success and growth through our innovation and based on quality of natural minerals, emphasizing social responsibility”


We focus on products that come from natural minerals and contribute to improving our productivity and the quality of our partners, taking into account greenhouse gas emissions to

Green product and Net Zero by 2050.





Lab and R&D

With our innovation,

we control quality of products, reduce losses and use resources in valuable ways to obtain good-quality raw materials and match the needs of customers in each industry.


We have knowledges, experiences, and problem solving capability in controlling production to meet our product specifications.

raw material

We emphasizes safety as a top priority and also cares for environment, as well as helping society achieve sustainable interdependence.

Supply chain

We place a high priority on supply chain management. This encompasses all aspects of the business, from sourcing raw materials to delivering products to customers. The company strives to optimize its supply chain operations to maximize benefits, achieve goals, and ensure long-term sustainability.


We commit to conducting our business with social responsibility, quality, health, safety, environment,

efficiency, transparency, and verifiability.

Tracking service

Delivery Tracking System

in real-time to keep customers knew status of shipment, as well as receiving documents in electronic file format to respond modern operational inquiries, quickly and accurately.

Calcium carbonate

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