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Environmental Solution

SurintOmya provides solutions to productivity challenges that don't impact the environment. From improving soil conditions, developing animal feeds and aquaculture, to managing air/water treatment, our natural minerals provide highly efficient, low cost and low carbon options for customers. For Agriculture, we offer high quality minerals with highly efficient products either as granules or as liquid products for soil conditioning to improve soil heath and structure suitable for boosting crops growth, yields, and quality. For Animal feeds, SurintOmya’s NCC products are used across poultry, pig, dairy farms, and aquaculture to improve the living environment and to help farmers improve productivity. For Aquaculture,  NCC is used for adjustment of water pH levels, provide a source of calcium, helps to stabilize water chemistry and acts as buffering agent to prevent sudden fluctuation of water condition. We also supply NCC to oil drilling, coal power plants, biomass plants and waste-to-energy plants also to both acidic municipal and industrial wastewater treatment. 


  • Agriculture and Forestry as soil pH conditioning

  • Animal feeds and Aquaculture

  • Air and Waste Water Treatment

  • Drilling Industry

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