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SurintOmya Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the largest and high-tech producer of natural Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) products in Asia Pacific.

SurintOmya Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd.'s calcium carbonate products are divided into 3 forms:

1. Powder

2. Untreated

3. Treated

and slurry with particle sizes ranging from about 0.4 - 40.0 microns that are used in many industries such as fillers and extenders in various industries such as paints, rubber, plastics, PVC pipes, paper, or may be used as an ingredient in toothpaste. Detergents, medicines, telephone cables, wire insulation, pens, erasers, gloves, etc. 

Uncoated calcium carbonate is obtained from the use of Calcite  raw materials through quality selection from the mining process. Through the crushing and sorting process of particles by modern machinery and technology unique to OMYA AG Group to the desired size. In the powder coated calcium carbonate section, the additional process is carried out from the product that has been screened to the desired size and then applied to the coating by a specific process with fatty acids. (stearic acid) derived from 100% vegetable fats.  


The Company's calcium carbonate products are distributed under OMYA , CALCITE trademarks and sold both domestically and internationally.

 The Company's product production process from upstream to downstream. Throughout the supply chain, we have been certified with ISO 9001 quality management, ISO 14001 environmental management, and occupational health and safety management ISO 45001, ensuring that all types of products produced from our factory are quality products that meet the needs of customers. Through environmentally conscious production processes There is no impact on pollution and personnel involved throughout the work process with safety.


Quality Control of Calcium Carbonate Products

Our Calcium Carbonate products are made from 100% natural ores, so choosing good raw material sources and high Calcite purity from the exploration stage is extremely important. With the world-class experience of modern and old mining of joint venture companies such as OMYA AG, SurintOmya Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has inherited good mining methods. Modern, reduce wastage and plan resource utilization efficiently and obtain good quality raw materials that meet the needs of customers in each industry.

The main quality of calcium carbonate products are whiteness, fineness, particle size distribution, top cut, moisture content, and specific standards that vary for each industry.


To control product quality, the main practitioners are all employees in the quality control department who have been trained, educated, trained and skilled. Expertise and good working experience and together with quality inspection of instruments and equipment for measurement and testing in each item are selected. The methods and instruments are the same in all OMYA Group factories around the world and can be comparable to international testing standards (ISO) in all test methods.

Quality control process from raw materials, chemicals, packaging, pre-processing, product quality inspection during production. Quality inspection of finished products before delivery to customers and product quality certificates are issued to every customer and every order, which confirms the accuracy and reliability of the quality of the Company's calcium carbonate products.

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