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We have modern technology in production and can meet the needs of business partners in all forms.

We are constantly expanding and improving our factory, to cope with rapid change.

We adhere to our operations, policies, and standards to ensure the satisfaction of our business partners and, at the same time we strictly control safety standards.
​Production department
We have knowledge, work experience, ability to solve problems.
To control the production process to meet product specifications.
Our production capacity is more than 480,000 tons per year.

Dry process
Dry production process that has the ability to produce up to 1 micron in size, divided into
- Treated products (fatty acid-coated products)
- Untreated products (products without coating)

Wet process
All raw materials go through the process Eliminate foreign substances in raw materials before being shipped.
Entering the Wet process machine can produce products that are consistent with sizes smaller than 1 micron.
and have a more consistent whiteness than the Dry process, called Slurry products.


Packer department
The packaging department has modern technology. and developing the packaging process to be more efficient for specific packaging applications. With modern technology guided by Omya AG, the packing process is highly efficient and can pack products according to customer needs in a timely manner.

Which is divided into packaging groups as follows
- 25kg
- Big bags
- Bulk truck

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