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calcium carbonate Surin Omya

Secured raw materials

Sustainable raw material sourcing of SurintOmya Chemicals (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

1. We prioritize on managing raw materials to be most cost-effective and sustainable.

2. We use drilling technology and geological mapping to determine mineral deposit characteristics and mineral reserves for mine design and planning. We also consider appropriate mining techniques and mine-related technology to increase efficiency and precise, fast, and accurate management.


"Our mine emphasizes safety as a top priority and also cares for the environment as well as helping society for sustainable interdependence"

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RFID technology

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is an electronic data capture system that provides enhanced computational capabilities and data security. The system can transmit power using magnetic or electromagnetic waves instead of physical contact. It is a carrier wave that communicates and reads various values via radio waves from a distance to monitor and record data of the RFID system.  
Omya Chemicals (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has applied RFID technology to transport raw materials from the mine site with a weighing scale system. It can increase work process efficiency, accuracy, convenience, and speed. It can also collect work data for use in related departments such as production planning, truck organization, product weighing, weighing vehicle data summary reports, and more. 

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