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Supply chain management

For supply chain management

SurintOmya Chemicals (Thailand) places a high priority on supply chain management. This encompasses all aspects of the business, from sourcing raw materials to delivering products to customers. The company strives to optimize its supply chain operations to maximize benefits, achieve goals, and ensure long-term sustainability. Three key areas of focus are procurement, transport and logistics, and customer service.

  • Procurement

Our procurement activities encompass all categories. Concerning the acquisition of raw materials (raw materials), chemicals, products (chemicals), and technical services. As well as logistics solutions, focus on cost and competitive prices. Products or services that are reliable, while also being socially and environmentally responsible.

Our activities are based on transparency. Practice fairness towards business partners and adhere to strict ethical principles.  

  • Transportation & Logistics

Logistics and transport operations are important to maintain core competence in the supply chain. SurintOmya Chemicals (Thailand) has our own trucks for transporting products and has also contracted experienced subcontractors. And have a reliable communication system for delivery control with advanced technology to support delivery services, such as the Smart Delivery system, GPS system, and driver training center for employees. This ensures that the correct product is delivered to the correct location on time (Delivery on Time), with delivery accuracy, and product integrity (No Damage), and including reasonable shipping costs.


  • Customer Service

Our top priority is to provide exceptional customer service. Our objective is to become experts in our industry. We recognize that customers are our most valuable asset. Our view is that every interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate the value we place on the relationship. The customer service department is dedicated to taking care of our customers every day, both domestic and international. We aim to offer customer service that is professional, fast, and efficient through various contact channels.


Product delivery management is the main focus, We focus on delivering products to customers safely, on time, and correctly in terms of type, quantity of products as well as documents. Management will cover all aspects including human resources, setting standards, efficient transportation equipment, and technology to meet the goals of the company and its customers. The details are as follows:

  • Safety Drive and ECO Drive training
    This training provides knowledge of truck driving techniques and various rules. The main ones are driving safety and energy-saving driving. To begin working for the company, all drivers must complete the training. We also have a refresh training every 6 months to ensure that all drivers remain compliant.



  • Technology for optimizing truck maintenance systems 
    To increase the potential and efficiency of truck maintenance systems, Surint Omya Chemicals (Thailand) uses maintenance technology, analytical data recording, and visualization of repair batches and maintenance costs. This program will increase truck use efficiency as well as safety, such as any breakdowns during transportation, etc.   


  • Smart Delivery System for delivery management 
    SurintOmya Chemicals (Thailand) has seen the importance of improving the product delivery process in order to gain customer confidence. The company has developed the “Delivery Smart System” which is a mobile application for uploading delivery plans, delivery documents and delivery information. Drivers can log in with a password on their mobile phones for picking up products at the pick-up point, delivering products, updating delivery status and recording various information in case of problems. In addition, the system is also connected to the GSP system. 

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